Lucresia Gonzalez

Luckie is on the Artico Systems executive team as COO.

She was born and raised in Chicago and is the Cofounder of Artico Systems. Throughout her career, she has gained vast experience in Information Technology with a focus on the Fin-Tech industry.

She has specialization and technical discipline in Cloud Services, Audit/Internal Controls Development, Compliance, Regulatory Compliance, IT Governance, SecOps, Data/System Analysis, Integration, Automation, Business Process Re-engineering, Product Management, and Business Development.

Lucresia has a deep passion for technology and innovation.

Julio Gonzalez

Julio is on the Artico Systems executive team as CEO. He is a Sr. IT Engineer with 10+ years of hands-on experience in configuration of Cisco gear like switches, routers, firewalls, Aruba wireless suite, and Palo Alto Networks firewalls in high-tech companies.

When he’s not directly supporting our B2B clients, Julio advises our internal teams on strategy, processes, and methodology decisions.

For Julio the goal here is simple: become the top Artificial Intelligence company in the country, help our clients to keep their IT networks up and running, and make the IT world a little bit better in the process.

Ernesto Fernandez

Ernesto Fernández is a software programmer with more than 10+ years of experience. Most of his skill sets are with native development on Linux and Win32. He’s always happy to try his hand at new things. Ernesto joined Artico Systems to work on Windows software for the configuration of network switches.

Michael Lipman

Michael graduated from Stanford where he studied Human-Computer Interaction. Since then he has worked for software companies in San Francisco and Chicago including Udemy and Flexport. He developed the software for the first version of Artico Systems. 

Our Mission

Provide a Saas Solution based on AI to reduce IT costs and speed the process of monitoring, troubleshooting, and configuring networking devices. Together we will deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders.

Supporting businesses to reach their goals

With our focus on delivering a cost-effective solution, we serve any type of company in keeping their IT environment reliable and stable.

A software that works perfectly with any vendor

Unify all the monitoring and troubleshooting of your multi-vendor IT environment and transfer to us all the blood, sweat, and tears.